User Experience

"If the USER can't use it, it doesn't work!"

This has been my motto since the earliest days of my career.  I am deeply committed to making technology "work" for everyone who is going to be using it, regardless of where they live, how much money they make, what language they speak, or anything else.  That is the essence of "user experience" (UX)  

I believe that user experience is critical for inclusion and justice. Without it, people cannot participate in their society.  

 I have had the opportunity to work in 28 countries around the world, working on every continent (except Antarctica).  These experiences have been extremely important - they have not only helped the clients I was working for, but they have also introduced me to the wide variety of humanity, with such differences but also such similarities.  

Here are some photos from my work around the world (there are many more under different countries)

Mount Road, Chennai, India
Mount Road, Chennai, India

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